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customized cardboard displays

The art of exhibition.

We expose ourselves when we listen to our customers and with them we follow all the phases of the realization of the product, we expose ourselves when we create several prototypes until we find the right one, we expose ourselves when we look for the most suitable material. We love to expose ourselves, to dialogue, to strive towards something because we are convinced that this is the best way to obtain results. We love exposing ourselves so much that we made it an art.


We design and produce floor and table cardboard displays.

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Floor and counter display in cardboard.

All our products are made of corrugated board, an extremely light material that makes customized exhibitors the ideal support to present your products in stores, fairs and showrooms.

In the construction of a communication strategy, floor or counter advertising displays are a valid opportunity, to be taken into consideration in order to convey effective messages.

Our cardboard displays are fully customizable and allow you to immediately distinguish your product clearly, differentiating it from all the others that will be positioned in a standard way on the shelves of the store.

The customized counter and floor displays can be used in supermarkets, shop, pharmacy or fairs to advertise new products, highlight seasonal products or for promotions.

Cardboard displays create a strong visual impact and are a great way to immediately capture the attention of your consumers, conveying simple but always prominent messages.

cardboard counter display
customized cardboard display
cardboard displays

our cardboard displays

Customized counter and floor displays.

Cardboard counter displays

The counter displays are made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard, making them very light but at the same time robust.

They are fully customizable, both in graphics and in shape and can have a drop-down, self-assembling structure with hooks, or be designed as boxes that, if necessary, turn into counter displays. A tray can be provided to allow greater stability.

Counter displays are the ideal product to be placed near the counter or cash desk.

Floor displays

We produce our floor displays in cardboard or corrugated cardboard: this material allows to realize a light and easy to move structure, but suitable to support the weight of the products exposed, thanks to its high resistance.

They are fully customizable from the point of view of the graphics and can have a self-assembling or double-sided shelf structure.


The floor displays can be supplied flat or pre-assembled.

our art of producing customized displays

Pallet boxes.

The pallet boxes are corrugated cardboard packaging, in some cases printed.

They are custom designed to pack products safely, facilitating the path of the logistics chain and avoiding the possibility of damage during transport.

Thanks to the considerable depth, the pallet boxes can contain a greater amount of products and once they reach the sales point they are immediately displayed.

box pallet floor display

we design customized cardboard displays for you

Show the value of your products.

If you want to distinguish your products from all the others on the shelf or propose a new product on the market, maximizing your communication, floor and counter displays are the ideal product for your needs!

We offer you different types of totally customizable cardboard displays to immediately attract the consumer’s attention to your products.

In our paper converting company in Riva di Chieri – Turin, innovation and tradition come together to create exclusive products, studied in detail.

Thanks to the prototyping lab and the in-house production line, we guarantee you customized and high quality paper products, designed to best express the value of their content.

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