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sit papermaking torino - packaging production

We give new shape to your projects.

Quality workmanship, materials research and custom design to provide you with the ideal packaging for your products .

With our in-house prototyping lab and production line, we produce customized and exclusive papermaking materials designed down to the smallest detail to best express the value of their content.

40 years of experience in the papermaking industry

Creating and building, together.

Our papermaking company has been operating in the Turin area for more than 40 years.

We have always integrated traditional papermaking with the most modern solutions, providing a wide range of products from the world of packaging: cases, packages and point-of-sale materials.

We design tailor-made solutions for your products, study the best materials, to offer you the best performance and high value for money

Every day we work closely with our customers, devising customized solutions to create products that convey value.

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box pallets produced by Cartotecnica Sit Torino
food packaging produced by Cartotecnica Sit Torino
bottle box produced by Sit Torino paper company
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sit papermaking torino - experience, quality, research

Established experience in the field.

Attractive, attention-grabbing packaging is a key element in the purchase decision.

That is why in our paper company in Riva di Chieri (Turin) we make effective solutions and quality products, designed in detail to generate consumer interest and meet your production needs.

In our research and development laboratory we make specific samples designed to enhance your products and test their performance before proceeding with production.

Our services:

- Design and prepress
- Printing
- Coupling
- Die cutting
- Gluing
- Finishing
- Packaging and packing
- Storage and transportation

sit papermaking torino - attention to detail

A new look to your products.

You know what your products are worth, but those who buy them will only find out after they open the package. That is why it is so important that the container lives up to what it contains .

From product analysis, to pack design, to full-scale production, we are by your side, helping you to highlight what you have to offer. All of our production is in-house, to ensure you get a refined product with attention to detail, fast production times and competitive prices.

perfumery packaging produced by Cartotecnica Sit Torino
il tuo packaging • a torino •

stationery sit torino - we customize your product communication

Customize your pack.

Whether designing a new pack or restyling existing products, we always work closely with our clients to come up with customized solutions to meet every request.

With the experience gained over the years, we listen to the needs of companies and offer functional and quality packaging and displays that immediately attract the buyer's attention at the point of sale.

We have a complete production line in our papermaking company in Turin.

This allows us to have constant quality control at various stages of processing and to create customized prototypes according to our customers' needs.

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Via Pietro Andriano, 8 (Embraco industrial area) 10020 Riva Presso Chieri (TO)
+39 011 967 66 69

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