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Custom packaging production

We create quality products together.

For more than 40 years, we have been engaged in prototyping and large-scale production of custom packaging and fine papermaking materials.

We offer you design solutions, featuring high-quality materials and refined ennoblements.

our history in the world of custom packaging

For more than 40 years a history of details etched on paper.

Initially named Scatolificio Italiano Torino, our company, now known as the SIT Papermaking, è present in the industry since 1973.

Knowledge, technique and experience are the key words that have led SIT Paper Technology to become an industrial entity consisting of more than 20 experienced specialists in the production of packaging and point-of-sale paper materials.

We offer specific solutions to meet the needs of different sectors:

- automotive
- industrial
- food
- food and wine
- chemical and pharmaceutical
- health and wellness
- perfumes
- home
- animals
- fashion
- flowers

Throughout the years, our work has been constantly guided by the pursuit of quality and the desire to meet our clients' demands while always adhering to the agreed timelines.

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packaging project for perfume
Custom beverage packaging production
custom packaging design

Tailor-made packaging and papermaking materials

Established experience in the field.

We implement all the techniques of the papermaking world, engaging in the processing of cardboard and corrugated to create products useful for packaging and display.

We offer our customers a complete production line divided into several stages:

- Design and prepress
- Printing
- Laminating
-Die cutting
- Gluing
- Wrapping and packaging
- Storage and transportation

custom packaging development

Research & Development

We are constantly researching the best materials to bring you customized packaging and papermaking materials with long-lasting performance, using sustainable and recyclable papers for environmentally sustainable development.

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Quality Service

Designing packaging and other paper products, researching materials, and constantly monitoring all stages of production enables us to always provide quality solutions that meet needs and expectations.

our strengths in the world of papermaking

We believe in the power of quality and research.

Always keeping our customers' target market in mind, we use an innovative approach to develop solutions that meet needs with a focus on quality and sustainability.

We produce custom packaging, boxes and displays, point-of-sale materials and have achieved the most important industry certifications to make sure we always offer the best solution.

Custom packaging design and production and point-of-sale materials

Beside you to create value.

Collaboration with our clients is one of the most important phases. Although time is very often tight, we pay close attention to the initiallistening phase.

In addition to meeting functional and aesthetic needs, we work hard to develop products that can totally reflect the values of the brands we collaborate with.

In the research and development laboratory, we carefully study the content of packaging or displays and propose customized solutions by making ad hoc samples.

We know how important it is to be able to capture buyers' attention to your products, which is why we take great care in the design phase.

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