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The people behind your projects.

Our production area is 4000 m², the warehouse space 6000 m². In the gap between the two is all our commitment to provide you with a complete service, which does not only think about creation and production: it goes all the way to storage. But beyond numbers and space, what most characterizes us is the direct contact with the customer because we believe that the most valuable service we can offer always remains the human relationship.

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Services and quality.

We have always invested in the training of our staff to ensure quality papermaking printing service combined with the creation of prototypes and custom samples for our clients.

Quality control takes place at each stage to check for problems and make adjustments before proceeding to the next steps in production.

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In our research and development laboratory we create specific solutions for your needs, using dedicated software.

We do materials research, to always offer a viable solution in terms of quality-price and to identify the material that is best suited for the product realization.

We develop samples of paper products, which we provide to our customers to test their performance and functionality before proceeding with full production.

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Papermaking printing

All the time and care we devote to the design and sampling phase, where we study and research the most suitable materials and make several printing proofs through continuous and direct confrontation with the customer, is compensated by the speed of production in the actual papermaking printing phase where the project becomes reality and the results tangible.

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In the laminating process, the folding carton is combined with another carton or more commonly with corrugated board.

This process gives greater thickness to paper products, making them stronger and able to hold fragile or heavy products, while still ensuring safe transport.

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Die cutting

The die-cutting stage is used to give the final shape to the paper product, using the specific tools for cutting.

During this processing, the graphic details of the product can be embellished more with embossing.

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The folder-gluer machine processes the laid product, giving the folds and glue dots to create the finished product.
Linear gluing with manual or automatic bottom and 4/6 corners is possible.

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Wrapping and packaging

At this last stage, the final quality control takes place, after which the packs are placed in special packaging, ready to be delivered to the customer.

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Storage and transportation

Design, sampling, and quality papermaking printing are not the only services we offer our clients.

In fact, upon specific request, for customers who do not have an in-house warehouse that can be used, we provide a warehousing service at our warehouse with divided and scheduled deliveries of production batches.

In agreement with the customer, we take care of delivering the material produced within the stipulated time.

Sampling and papermaking printing

A complete papermaking service for your communication.

Confrontation with the customer, for us, is crucial.

For this reason, in the initial stage of our work we spend a lot of time listening, because only by understanding the functional and aesthetic needs of the requested product will the paper printing be able to reflect the values of the brand it is meant to represent .

In our research and development laboratory , we thoroughly analyze the content characteristics of packaging and displays to come up with the most functional paper product for the customer's needs, adding value to the product.

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