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The beauty of a pack.

If you say packaging, you say beautiful. At least that’s what we think of our work. We create customized packaging, to protect, propose and sell your products with with one big goal: to make it even more beautiful.

When you buy something, you choose among many other possible solutions and the eye, you know, not only wants its part: it pushes to have it. Everything that surrounds us in the world, everything we create is made according to a criterion of beauty, even the most functional.

Well, if we had to give a definition of what packaging is for us, we would say this: functional beauty.

cases, boxes and sales point materials

The importance of personalized packaging.

In all these years we have been able to see how much the world of packaging has evolved over time.

Today we know that packaging is a decisive element of the purchasing phase. Cases, boxes and sales point materials represent the image of the product and the brand in detail, becoming a determining factor for presenting new products or the restyling of existing proposals.

customized packaging for perfumes
customized packaging for food
customized packaging for food
custom beverage boxes
we highlight your product

Cases and boxes.

The boxes and cases are of various sizes and shapes and can have an automatic or manual bottom. They are specially designed to contain the products, preserving their contents both in the transport phase and at the sales point.

contain and enhance the product

Packs and boxes.

Packs and boxes are of different sizes and often used to hold a series of matching products. Usually self-assembled, they are designed complete with interiors with the function of fixing the various items.

personalized cardboard box for clothing
custom trays, caskets and boxes

contain, with style

All the rest of the packs.


Usually produced in coupled cardboard, the trays are useful for the storage of different products. They can be printed, die-cut and glued.

Clusters and ties

The clusters and ties are produced in flat cardboard. They are the suitable coating for packages and trays or useful for grouping multiple items. They can be printed, shaped and customized with a hooking system for closure.


Collars are shaped tags, attached to the neck of items. They can be designed with coupling system. They are mainly used in the confectionery sector for the personalization of chocolate eggs.

We design and produce customized packaging and materials for the sales point

Let’s create your pack together.

Do you want something that contains your products and that together reflects the value of your brand?
Are you organizing a new product launch and need eye-catching packaging?
A treasure chest that holds and reveals something yet to be discovered?

We work cardboard and corrugated to always offer you new beautiful solutions useful for packaging and displaywith a particular focus on quality and durability.
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