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Sales point materials and window dressing

Grab attention.

The thing that we know best and that we do for more than 40 years is to promote. We like to take care of every detail, amaze the eye, capture attention. This is why when we do something we do it thinking about the power of conversion.
Through vision and design we imagine the result that our work will determine.
For us, this is what promoting means: carrying on the values ​​and interests of the product we want to launch. Why do we do that?
It’s in our DNA, we’re sons of an advertising agency, we cannot do without it.

on desk promotional materials

When the invisible becomes visible.

To show more of the brand image and get more visibility on its products, we create personalized on-desk promotional materials, to be displayed at the sales point.

Usually used for promotion in supermarkets, shops and pharmacies, these solutions are developed for different sectors such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical, health and wellness, perfumes, home, animals and fashion.

sales point materials
on desk promotional materials
advertising totem
sales point advertising material

our sales point materials

Cardboard structures for product communication.

Pop structures

Pop structures are projects of exhibitors with unique shapes provided with accessories for special promotions at the sales point.

Advertising and corner totems

Totems are two-sided self-supporting structures, while angular ones are V-shaped totems, that is composed of three faces. Both are fully customizable with graphics to promote the product.

Silhouettes, signs and gondola heads

The shapes and signs are shaped structures of different heights that can be fully graphically printed. They can be self-supporting or supplied with a support foot, coupled to the corrugated for greater resistance.


The rotairs are double-sided cartons, usually shaped, to customize with graphics on both sides to indicate specific promotions. Supplied with hole for hanging at the point of sale.

custom pop materials

Cardboard structures for product display.

Promotional small counter

Small counters or promotional desks are made of cardboard coupled with corrugated with customized graphics for the creation of a company corner at the sales point. They are usually used to promote novelties.


The stands are composed of shapes with graphics and tubulars at variable heights, depending on the need, to distinguish novelties or special items.

stationery sales point materials - stand
promotional materials for the sales point

other promotional materials for the sales point

Paper accessories.


The ties are PET bands with the possibility of graphic customization. They are mainly used in supermarkets and are used to hang the product in promotion.

Leaflets containers

The flyer containers are made of cardboard coupled to corrugated with customizable graphics and shapes. Usually placed close to the cash desks, they are used to display customized company brochures.

pop materials and window dressing

Make your brand recognizable.

If you want to give value to your products, we are here for you! Together we will design the packaging of your dreams and the materials for your store.

Do you want to distinguish your products? Have you planned the launch of a new line and need personalized promotional materials to be displayed in the sales point?

We offer you various solutions to increase your presence at the point of sale, capturing the attention of consumers.

Our proposals are fully customizable in order to promote your products in an original way, conveying specific messages.

Do you want to give life to your creativity and your pack? Contact us for further information!

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