Our commitment to the social.
Our commitment is realized, in this particular moment of economic and social conjuncture, in supporting the work within the company for as many people as possible, giving priority and space to the most delicate situations, or contributing with economic aid to the support of works of solidarity.

A help, however small, can sometimes be decisive in itself or, together with others, can be a source of great resources for many.

We have chosen to support.

Geos Onlus Association
National and international humanitarian support projects

Intesa Sanpaolo Ag. 442 Rivoli
Iban IT94 S030 6930 8701 0000 0060 490
Banco Posta Ccp n. 40543795
Iban IT45 O076 0101 0000 0004 0543 795

If you want to pay 5 per thousand:
C.F. 97633480013

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